Superior alternative to CleanSEQ with extra benefits.

For Dye Terminator Removal (DTR), primer dimer and salt cleanup in Sanger Sequencing.

Superior Quality. Superior Value. Guaranteed!

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Detail of the product  

PureSEQ-MP utilized Aline’s proprietary bead technology for the removal of dye terminator, primer-dimers, salt and nucleotides in traditional Sanger Sequencing.

PureSEQ-MP is the most upgraded product in Aline’s dye terminator removal line. It effectively removes dye terminator, salt and nucleotides.

PureSEQ is a superior direct replacement of CleanSEQ* with extra benefits. Superior Quality. Superior Value. Guaranteed!

Features and advantages:

  • Longer reads with High QV Scores close to 1000 bp
  • Suitable for a wider range of DNA template concentrations including low concentration DNA templates
  • Even lowered repeat rate with a pass rate over 90% or higher
  • 384 and 96-well format friendly. Especially geared towards 384 well format
  • Designed to directly replace CleanSEQ with an additional feature of eliminating “GC” n+1 peaks

PureSEQ Eletropherogram

pureseq figure 1
pureseq fig2

Data Sheet
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Order information
All Aline products including PureSEQ MP can be ordered through Fisher Scientific.  Fisher Scientific catalog number is NC0950736.
See the link below.  https://www.fishersci.com/shop/products/aline-pureseq-50ml-5000-10-000/nc0950736


Use same protocol as CleanSEQ (Trademark by Beckman Coulter)

*BigDye is a trademark of Applied Biosystems. CleanSEQ is a trademark of Beckman Coulter.

Specification of the product

PureSEQ. spec

Protocol-PureSEQ v2.3

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