Silica Magnetic Beads for DNA/RNA

Amazi Beads are amazing!  It yields similar results to that by column purification. It made the automation process through the transition from column purification to bead-based purification supper easy.

It saves you time and money while receiving high quality DNA/RNA samples.

SKU: SL-5002


Aline’s Amazi beads are silica coated magnetic beads based on Aline’s proprietary bead technology. It is specifically designed for nucleic acid isolation and purification. While having the benefits of magnetic bead workflow, these silica beads can yield results comparable to that of filtration based platforms, such as Qiagen columns. All the buffers and methods used for column purification can be used in this system so that an easy conversion from column-based purification to bead-based purification is possible. The yield can be over 90% recovery.

The Amazi beads are suitable for DNA/RNA purification from agarose gel, blood/plasma, animal/plant tissues, environmental soil samples, buccal swap, stool samples.


  • High Quality – highly purified DNA/RNA similar to column purification result with
  • High recovery rate –  over 90%
  • Save time – high ion magnetic particles for a rapid collection
  • Automation friendly – high throughput processing
  • Eco-friendly –  minimal plastic waste
  • No DNA precipitation step neccesary
  • Easily convert column-based to bead-based purification with minimal changes



Convert column-based purification to bead-based purification

DNA/RNA purification from

  • agarose gel
  • blood/plasma samples
  • animal tissues
  • plant samples
  • environmental soil samples
  • buccal swap samples
  • stool samples


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