EvoPure RNA Tissue Isolation Kit

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This kit is based on Aline’s proprietary magnetic bead technology. It provides simplified and high throughput isolation of total RNA with high integrity.  It can extract total RNA from a wide variety of tissues.  No hazards and waste, organic solvents or plastic wastes generated.

Aline EvoPure RNA Kit makes high recovery of total RNA from soft, fibrous, and lipid-rich tissues possible. It performs comparably or superior to Beckman Coulter’s RNAdvance Tissue.


  • Simple and easy protocol
  • High throughput compatible with all major automation platforms
  • High RNA Integrity Number
  • Consistent result
  • No hazard or organic solvents
  • No plastic wastes generated
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent alternative replacing column-based purification


All downstream applications for RNA.

Automation platforms:
Comparable with Biomek, Hamilton, KingFisher and other major automation platforms on Market.

Storage: 4oC

Shelf life: 1 year

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