DNA SizeSelector-I

To effectively obtain the desired size selection range with a complete removal of adaptors in NGS Library Preparation.

Easy, cost-effective DNA size selection (200~800bp) tool for applications such as Next Gen Sequencing, molecular cloning

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Having problem with adaptor carryover? DNA Sizesekector-I will completely eliminate any adaptor contamination so tht you don’t have to worry about it once for all. Use 2x for DNA clean up and you will remove all adaptors in reaction.

The kit is for Next generation sequencing library preparation. This is is optimized for DNA recovery in the range of 200~800bp. The method is highly scalable and adjustable so that you can isolate DNA of your interest. Unlike other bead-based DNA size selection method, DNA SizeSelector-I yield simply more clean results.

Why SizeSelectiors

  •  Complete Removal in Adaptor Removal
  • More Size Selection Options
  • More time and money savings


  • Superior performance in adapter removal
  • Optimized fragment selection chemistry for all NGS platforms, e.g. Illumina, PacBio, 454
  • Optimized and flexible procedures
  • Simplified procedures compared to Ampure:  one step size selection only
  • Efficient removal of primer-dimers: No Need for further clean-up steps
  • Manual and automation friendly

Selected Journal References:

1. Tan et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2014; 
A microscopy-based screen employing multiplex genome sequencing identifies cargo-specific requirements for dynein velocity  


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Please contact support@alinebiosciences.com for the most updated protocol.

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