BloodSafe Cell/Plasma Stabilizer Buffer


The Aline Blood Stabilizer Buffer stabilizes blood and plasma for more than 14 days and keep tumor cells alive for up to 7 days at room temperature. Once stabilized, blood samples can be shipped at room temperature without cell lysis and loss of cell free DNA (cfDNA). Apoptosis is inhibited by the Blood Stabilizer Buffer. Live circulating tumor cell can be isolated and sorted based on the presence of cell surface antigens.

To stabilize blood, Stabilizer Buffer is added into freshly drawn blood and mixed 10 times. Blood samples are subsequently ready for shipping and analyzing at ambient temperature. You may continue using regular EDTA or heparin tubes for blood drawing

Some products from other manufacturers may use a formula that needs large volume of reagents in a tube, as much 1.7mL for a 10 mL blood collection tube or 2mL for a 12 mL tube. It results in a 17% dilution of blood samples. The actual plasma input for extraction of cfDNA is therefore 17% less from the very beginning. Our product uses less reagents that results in higher actual sample input and higher cfDNA recovery.

1. Prevents tumor cells from apoptosis.
2. Higher actual plasma sample input.


Each tube contains 1.2 mL Blood Stabilizer. Each 1 mL Blood Stabilizer is suitable for 10 mL Blood sample stabilization. Product can be stored at 2-25°C for up to 1 year.

Each package contains 50 tubes sufficient for 50 10mL blood tubes. For smaller blood sample size, proportional stabilizer buffer may be used.

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