PCRClean PB – Pacific Bio NGS Library Cleanup

PCRClean PD is specially designed to replace Ampure PB which is used in Pacific Biosciences platform cleanup.

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PCRClean PB is a sister product of PCRClean DX. PCRClean PB is specially designed to replace Ampure PB which is used in Pacific Biosciences platform cleanup.

PCRClean PB is the counterpart for Ampure PB.


PCRClean PB purification system utilizes Aline’s proprietary paramagnetic bead technology for quick high-throughput purification of DNA fragments. Aline PCRCean PB is designed to directly replaces Beckman’s Ampure PB without any protocol changes while providing end users superior efficient adaptor removal in Pacific Biosciences (Pac Bio) NGS Library Prep and primer-dimer removal in all other down stream applications.

PCRClean PB purification system recovers amplicons greater than 100 bp with consistency and reliability. The recovery efficiency of the PCRClean PB for small and large amplicon sizes is superior to the traditional filtration PCR cleanup methods and directly replace Ampure PB (Beckman Coulter/Agencourt)


  • Next Generation Sequencing using Pac Bio platforms

Product Highlights

    • Flexible Clean-up: High recovery of amplicons with the option to choose recovery of >100 bp or >60 bp with modified protocol
    • Efficient removal of unincorporated dNTPs, primers, primer dimers, salts and other contaminants
    • Processing time: 15 minutes/96 samples
    • Scalable: Tube, 96 and 384 well plate formats


Performance is similar to PCRClean DX (Ampure XP direct replacement)  Click here.

PCRClean DX pics on web_1.comparison

PCRClean DX pics on web_2.comparison

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