SequeMid Plasmid Prep Kit

Plasmid, cosmid/fosmid magnetic bead-based kit for high throughput sample preparation.

Comparable to Beckman Coulter CosMCPrep.


Detail of the product

This is magnetic beads based technology for automated, high throughput plasmid, Cosmid, Fosmid purification from E. coli. The purified plasmid is suitable for high throughput DNA sequencing.

SequeMid is comparable to CosMCPrep.

This kit offers flexibility in the purification process and is easily automated without sacrificing product quality.  It is compatible with all major automation liquid handling systems on market. The simplicity of procedure design, ease of automation handling and high quality results attracts end users to this ideal solution for all the plasmid/cosmid/fosmid purification needs.


Specification of the product

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