PureGenome Blood gDNA Kit

Blood gDNA Isolation Kit

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This kit utilizes our proprietary magnetic bead technology for manual or high throughput isolation of genomic DNA from mammalian blood samples. The protocol can be performed in 96-well format or tube format. 300ul of blood can be processed with each extraction for 96-well plate or 600ul for tube format. On average, 4 to 8ug can be obtained with each extraction. This kit consistently yields high quality and high-quantity DNA. Unlike DNA purified by columns, there is no shearing of genomic DNA. The integrity of purified DNA is so high, it is most suitable for long PCR and for next gen DNA library construction.

Purified gDNA can be used for PCR, restriction digestion and genotyping.

The kit is comparable to Beckman’s Genfind V2.

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Number reactions in packaging:100
Number reactions in box:100

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