ALINE (A+Line) Biosciences is a leading provider of patented/proprietary magnetic bead-based solutions for high-throughput sequencing platforms (Sanger and Next-Generation) and DNA/RNA isolation and clean-up. ALINE’s mission is to provide highest quality and most cost efficient solutions with the combination of in-depth knowledge and innovative technologies.

ALINE Biosciences has a variety of proprietary or patented magnetic technologies for sequencing sample preparation and genomic DNA, RNA and microRNA purification from plant, blood and all tissues. Our R&D diligently and constantly develops innovative and new tools for genomic research and diagnostics.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority at ALINE Biosciences. With a scientific know-how, ALINE is capable to customize our products to meet your special project needs with no extra charge. As a result, ALINE Biosciences has gained trust from a broad spectrum of customers including but not limited to CLIA certified genetic diagnostic laboratories, world-renowned research institutions, S&P 500 companies and prestigious sequencing service centers in the United States and institutions worldwide.